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Is an Open-Source free surface fluid simulation library. It is based on the lattice-Boltzmann method (LBM) and is able to perform physically accurate fluid simulations very efficiently. Further information about the underlying algorithms can be found in a variety of papers (see Links below). It is released under the GPL, and also available as part of the 3D application Blender.
A first alpha version of the software is now available from sourceforge.
- Download source distribution
- Access sources with CVS
For information how to build the sources, please refer to the README.txt file in the distribution. Information about the capabilties of the solver itself can be found in the Blender manual. Please note that it's still in a very early state, and currently only available for Unix like systems such as Linux, OSX or Cygwin. Likewise, this web page is still an early version :)
- Free Surface Fluid Simulation with LBM
- Blender, Open Source 3D Gaphics Creation
- Blender Fluid Simulation Manual

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